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Certification of Documents

We specialize in submitting the correct information in the proper format for all various certification request and maintain constant communication with PTO regarding all requests submitted to ensure the best turnaround times possible.

Certification Services

Certified copies are authenticated by the USPTO ribbon and seal with the signature of an authorized certifying officer.

Records available from the USPTO may be certified as true copies by the Patent and Trademark Office, Certified copies are authenticated by the USPTO ribbon and seal with the signature of an authorized certifying officer.

Order Certified Copies / Time frame / Cost

Certified Patent File History - NEWER Files - IFW "Image File Wrapper" where the document is already in electronic format. Cost $155.00 Time 5-15 days.

Certified Patent File History - OLDER Files in paper format Cost $325.00, Time 20-30 days.
(up to 400 pages then additional fees of $100 per 100 pages) we will contact you for approval if additional fees are needed prior to approval.

Certified Assignment Chain of Title Cost $75.00

Certified Patent Assignment Reel/Frame Cost $75.00 per Reel/Frame, time 5-10 days.

Certified Patent Application as Filed Cost $75.00, time 5-10 days.

Certified Patent or Publication Cost $75.00, time 5-10 days.
* Once placed, a Certified order cannot be canceled (per USPTO). (unless below)
* Additional fees may apply on jumbo size documents, or older files that are in paper format. There ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER THE ORDER IS PLACED; unles the document requires additional upfront fees due to size known as Jumbo Documents, we will contact you for approval in which you may cancel the document request.

Delivery of Documents

Some documents may be sent to you to download computer via PDF the Internet Download or mailed to you on CD-ROM or paper.
(Time Frame varies 2 - 25 days depending on type of documents ordered)

To place an order use our Online Order Form or email it to:

Questions? Contact our Certification Specialist: (800) 741-3117 or (571) 312-3819.

Customer Service staff are available between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern.

Placing Orders / Checking database / Instant downloads

Just enter the document number on the search bar on the home page. If the document appears you can instantly download it.

Payment Options

If you have a question, found a better price somewhere, need to meet a budget, or have a concern give us a call today and allow us the opprotunity to match or meet your pricing needs.

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